Monday, March 31, 2008

Vietnam's Halong Bay

asia travel spot, Halong BayConsidered as UNESCO world heritage site, the beauty of Halong Bay is featured in the movie Tomorrow Never Dies and in the reality show Amazing Race. Literally means descending dragon, this Asia travel spot features various limestone karsts and islands that adds it's majestic beauty among other places in Vietnam. With it's vast area lies different species and ecosystems including small freshwater lakes, sandy beaches, freshwater swamp forests and mangrove forests.

asia travel spot, Halong BayThe islands found here were named according to the shape they formed such as Hòn Rông or Dragon Island and Hòn Cánh Buồm or Sail Island that looks like a sail struggling against the sea. From the far away distance, it looks like a painting but camera and even canvas can't capture it's majestic beauty.

asia travel spot, Halong BayYou can venture the caves and limestones here by taking a boat or do island hopping. Sailing is also a wonderful activity to do here aside from shopping from local stores loacted in the vicinity. You can also do the kayaking or take a cruise to have a clearer view of the islands surrounding the bay. With it's diverse ecosystem and breath-taking panorama, no wonder that this asia destination will make it in Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

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