Monday, April 28, 2008

Philippines' Pamalican Island

asian destinations, Pamalican IslandWhenever we hear Philippines, we think of luscious forests, warm smiles of Filipinos and white sand beaches. Speaking of beaches, Boracay always comes to your mind as a beach-freak. Aside from the infamous Boracay, there are other white sand beaches in the tropics. Pamalican Island, apart from Boracay, is a small island that belongs in Cuyo Group of Islands located at the heart of Palawan and Panay. It is also the home of the high-end Amanpulo Island Resort.

asian destinations, Pamalican IslandHaving the name Amanpulo (which means peaceful) spells it's true meaning and added to that feature is it's alluring beauty and tranquility. However, to transport tourists from Manila to the island, there is always an airplane standing by. It is also used to transport goods and supplies to the island. The island can accommodate less than 100 people to stay. That is an assurance that the place is not that crowded compared to Boracay and Puerto Galera. The fact that it's so small you can tour the whole island in 3-5 hours walk.

asian destinations, Pamalican IslandIf you think walking around the island is boring, think again. The island has so many activities to offer just like diving, snorkeling, fishing, sailing, windsurfing, and beach combing. If you feel the romantic ambiance, try to arrange a barbecue night out with your date or simply grab your picnic basket and do your picnicking on the neighbor island. You can also indulge yourself in the island's casitas (bungalow) that goes with a personal buggy. So if vacation is what you have in mind, always include Pamalican Island in your list of travel destinations in Asia.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Japan's Sapporo Yuki Matsuri

asia travel spots, Sapporo Yuki MatsuriGodzilla captured on ice? How about an icy street? You will be fascinated by the glittering structures and dazzling ice carvings you can only find at Sapporo. As they celebrate the annual snow festival, several teams from around the world gather to exhibit their sculpting prowess by creating statues, edifices and landmarks. The streets of Sapporo turns into a white crystal dreamland that anyone of us would want to live in.

asia travel spots, Sapporo Yuki MatsuriOne of Japan's anticipated winter events, Sapporo's Yuki Matsuri (Snow Festival) was held in three venues: Odori Park, Susukino, and Sapporo Satoland. It's humble beginning started in 1950 when six local high school students crafted their own statues in Odori Park. Then followed by Japan Self-Defense Forces by creating a massive ice structures that made the simple ice carving to a huge festivity. The festival was held on the month of February and lasts for seven days.

asia travel spots, Sapporo Yuki MatsuriApart from feeding your eyes with these wonderful creations, you can indulge into various snow sport activities like skiing, snow gliding and snow boarding. After this freezing activities, savor the flavor of local hot ramen, a one of kind in Sapporo to ease the tingling sensation brought about by snow. You can also check out Susukino' s Ice Queen, a beauty contest held every year that showcase local beauties. Sights, fun and dine, that's what Sapporo has to offer. Who knows what will comes next?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

India's Kochi Backwaters

asian travel, Kochi BackwatersIf there's one greatest contribution India has in the world is it's backwaters. They are the only place in the globe where you can find this unique water landmark. Tagged as "Queen of Arabian Sea", Kochi or Cochin receive millions of visitors every year. Being Kerala's industrial and commercial capital, it's ports where the busiest from the transport of goods to every hour cruises of tourists in and around the metropolis. A cluster of islands surrounding Vembanad Lake, it is a picturesque port in ancient times putting Arabian, Chinese, Dutch, Portuguese and British a good setting for trade and commerce.

asian travel, Kochi BackwatersDue to this, these foreign traders leave their own heritage in the island. One of which is Bolghatty Palace, a panoramic Dutch Palace that has a nice golf course and green lawns. Chinese also embarked their legacy by introducing their fishing nets which is only found in Fort Kochi. Aside from this, there's also Willingdon Island, a large man-made island which comprises of sand and dredged to the backwaters that will deepen the Kochi Port. There is also the Elephant Training Center in which you will see elephants in action.

asian travel, Kochi BackwatersYou can enjoy the serenity of this place as it has no pubs or nightlife. Instead, wines are served in the hotel lobbies but if you want to have a taste of their local wine, you can have it in little shops located in the city. So spend your vacation the Indian way and go to Kochi backwater. This is another one great chance we shouldn't dare to miss.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Cambodia's Kompong Luong (Floating Village)

asia destinations, kompong luongWe can only think of Cambodia as the land of Khmers, it's famous Angkor Wat temple and their breath-taking beaches, but who will ever thought that they got a floating village? Kompong Luong is located in the lakes of Pursat. The village consists of five communities with a total of almost 1300 families and 7000 people living in the area. Fact is, Khmer, Chinese and Vietnamese are living together in Kompong.

asia destinations, kompong luongIt is considered as Asia's version of Venice but instead of gondolas, Kompong is known to their wide range of quality pottery wares. You can buy it there along with other items such as vegetables and handicraft products that will make your visit worthwhile. If you will take a cruise at night, the village is so beautiful it looks like giant lamps in the midst of the lake. Aside from stores, there are floating restaurants, petrol stations, convenience stores, hospitals, karaoke bars and even garages can be found there.

asia destinations, kompong luongSo if you want to experience great fun living above water, approach your travel agent today take your love ones in Kompong Luong. While your sipping your ice coffee or take your lunch in the boat, you can check out the friendly people living in the floating village.