Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Azerbaijan's Gobustan Petroglyphs

asian travel, Gobustan Petroglyphs You may think that Azerbaijan didn't exist in your travel destination maps but its is. It has so much to offer and one of which is Gobustan State Reserve who happens to be one of UNESCO's heritage site. Established in 1966, it was declared a protected area since in the caves lies the ancient carvings and rock paintings that is believed to be more than 600,000 in number. The paintings are mostly images of what kind of life early settlers of Azerbaijan had as well as animals, primitive dances, bullfights and others dated from 5,000 to 20,000 years way back.

asian travel, Gobustan Petroglyphs
This nature wonder were only discovered through accident when a group of men go in there to quarry for stones in 1930. Since the area are abundant in boulders and rock formations, one quarry worker noticed the unusual carvings on the rocks. They also discovered these man-made caves where more of the drawings can be found. One of the scientist studied these paintings is the world-renowned anthropologist Thor Heyerdahl.

asian travel, Gobustan PetroglyphsApart from petroglyphs, there is also this musical stone known as Gaval Dash. It makes a tambourine-like sound when it is hit in different points. It is composed of big flat stones with 3 supporting stones. There are also cup-like hollows found there which is believed to be used to gather water, a vessel for preparing blood for sacrifice and others not to mention archaeological materials like hunting tools, utensils and animal bones. If you're into history mood, play like an archaeologist or geologist and plan your vacation here at Gobustan State Reserve particulary in it's caves and mud volcanoes. There's nothing like discovering the things we didn't know existed at that time.


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