Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Egypt's Ras Mohammed National Park

asian travel spots, Ras MohammedEgypt was known for its majestic pyramid structures, high and mighty pharaohs and it's amazing sand dunes. Who will ever thought that a diver's haven will emerge here in a land of full of sand and scarce water supply? Yes, Ras Mohammed or Cape Mohammed is one of Egypt's important protected area. With a variety of flora and fauna's best, Ras Mohammed showcase marine life in different forms.

asian travel spots, Ras MohammedThis extra-ordinary setting lies in at the south extreme of Sinai Peninsula, facing Gulf Suez and Gulf of Aqaba and included in the tourist region of Red Sea Riviera. Declared as a park and protected area in 1983, this asian travel spot has a name that literally means Mohammed's head. The enormous wildlife is not only present in water but also in land as there are mountains and wadis, gravel and coastal mud plains and sand dunes that will satisfy your panoramic viewing.

asian travel spots, Ras MohammedThis place is not only suitable for diving but also in other activities like snorkeling, bird-watching and nature-tripping. In fact, there is the Mangrove channel where you can view migratory and resident birds. There's also the Eel Garden where you can find it's large population of garden eels and the Shark Observatory where you can have a close encounter with sharks of different kinds.
This park provides excellent and calm experience to their visitors. With this and other nature's reserves around the world, it made us think twice to save this place called Earth since this is the only place and paradise we can live in.


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