Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Singapore's Night Safari

asian destinations, Night Safari Safaris always fascinates me as a kid and now that I grew up, I still have that interest to go to Africa to have a real encounter with the wild. Not now that I've learned about Singapore's own version of safari but this time, it has a twist. Who will ever thought that it was possible to have your wild park adventure at night? Yes you can in Night Safari as it is the first in the world that caters visitors at night. Awarded as Singapore Tourism Awards Best Leisure Attraction Experience since 1994 up to 2006, you'll be overwhelmed by the experience you can get just by touring here.

asian destinations, Night SafariEcologically it's a good thing specially for nocturnal animals as the animals here are not disturbed at daytime. You can take a closer look at over 1040 animals not to mention the endangered kind in action. This idea is rooted from a wide response of people towards night tours and wholesome entertainment. With the budget of 63 million (in Singapore dollars), this 40 hectares nocturnal zoo came to life. As of now, this open-air zoo is maintained by Wild Reserves Singapore and it is open for 5 hours every night.

asian destinations, Night SafariThe zoo's setting of humid tropical forest gives it an authentic look of a typical African safari and stimulate the animals natural habitat. Visitors may not worry as protected by natural barriers instead of cages while they watch the animals. It is covered by two stretches, the walking trail and the tram rides. Just like any other parks, they offer other attractions such as tribal dances, fire eating stints and a night show which showcases the animals in the Night Safari. Dining is never a problem as it has food outlets and restaurants to satisfy your growling stomachs. One of which is Ulu Ulu Safari restaurant which serves authentic Western and Asian dishes. What you can do next is have it your way here at Night Safari. It is a sure way to enjoy the wild and realize the value of taking care our mother nature as well.


Lac said...
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Lac said...
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patricia said...

The Night Safari is the world's first nocturnal zoo and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Singapore.

rvic007uk said...

A great activity to check out would be the Singapore night safari

you get to see animals at night and get dinner if you want, very fun and different experience - i really enjoyed it!

Anna said...

Singapore really did a great job on their tourism, and the night safari is a very great idea. The fire dancers are also great.

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