Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Israel's Ein Gedi National Park

asia travel spots, Ein Gedi National Park

It's a common knowledge that Israel plays a major role in both religion and history. For religion, it's a fact that the founder of Christianism Jesus Christ was born in Nazareth in Israel. In the historical sense, Israel was been the land of the Jews and they fought for it to the extent of engaging in war to protect it. It is also considered the "Holy Land" due to it's strong emphasis in the bible. Despite it's religious significance, Israel is abundant in flora and fauna that tourists around the world can marvel.

asia travel spots, Ein Gedi National ParkOne of which is Ein Gedi National Park located in the caves of Qumran, near the Judean Desert and Dead Sea valley. Literally means Kid (young goat) Spring, this oasis is the biggest and most important as it supplies water in some parts of Israel. There you can find two rivers streams, the Nachal David and Nachal Arugot that is overflowing throughout the year. Together with other springs such as Shulamit and Ein Gedi, they can produce as much as three million cubic meters of water per year enough to supply a city all year round.

asia travel spots, Ein Gedi National ParkWhen you visit Ein Gedi National Park, aside from it's breath-taking springs, you can also find a kibbutz that is open for travelers to stay and relax. The kibbutz itself is a travel destination as it has the infamous botanical garden which homes 900 species of plants around the world. Aside from kibbutz, you can also see rare breed of animals in Ein Gedi such as Cape Hyrax (a small rabbit like animal), Nubian Ibex (a horned mammel) aside from migratory and resident birds being there through the migrating season. Whether you're into nature tripping or a simple pilgrimage, you can always include Ein Gedi National Park in your asian destinations list.


Robert said...

I recently found out that Ein Gedi was mentioned in the Bible several times. My family and I love to travel to historic places and we are all excited to see this oasis as well. For days, I've been planning a series of Israel tours for us next year.

Without a doubt, Ein Gedi would be a fantastic destination to relax and visit in our Israel tours (Christian). Thanks a lot for posting this.

Sadia said...
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