Thursday, July 31, 2008

Maldives' Filhalhohi Islands

asia destinations, Filhalhohi

Tagged as the "Island of Dreams", Filhalhohi is the one of Maldives' secret island getaway. A 35 kilometer drive from Male, this islet measures about450 meters in length and 250 meters in width so small that you can tour the whole island in the span of 15 minutes. You can be barefoot the whole time since this island got the finest house reefs and coral white sand. With it's crystal clear water and untouched marine ecosystem, this is also a haven for snorkelling and diving enthusiasts.

asia destinations, FilhalhohiThe island's summer ambiance is captivating and so are the activities that you can enjoy aside from snorkelling and diving. There are watersports such as windsurfing, canoing, water-skiing, parasailing and banana riding. Eventhough the house reef is bad in condition, you will be amazed by the marine life you will find there such as fishes, rays and sharks of different types and colors. There is also a small lagoon where children can swim apart from enormous palm trees that gives shade to the vicinity.

asia destinations, FilhalhohiIn general, it is a painting came to life and the best part is with all it's royal look and treatment from the locals, it is budget-friendly. Reviews of this island always banner the cost of your stay here is absolutely wonderful. Any plans of summer fun in December, get in here at Filhalhohi and experience what it's like.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Bangladesh's Sundarbans Mangrove

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With it's luscious mangrove trees and abundant flora and fauna, Sundarbans established itself as the largest block of mangrove forests in the world. Placed at the heart of Bangladesh and West Bengal, India this asian tourist spot is also a UNESCO's World heritage site since 1997. It is measured to be around 4,143 sq km and the water area surrounding it is 1,874 sq km circling the rivers, canals and small streams. The rivers here is where the salt water coming from Bay of Bengal and freshwater from River Ganges meet.

asia freeport, Sundarbans mangroveWith it's diversified environment, it became the home of many birds and wild animals. One of which is Bengal tigers which is about 700 in population that males them the largest population of tiger population living in a certain area. There are other animals aside from tigers such as 270 species of birds, 42 species of mammals, 35 reptile species and eight amphibians apart from freshwater sharks and dolphins inhabiting the waters. That's why Bengali's are doing all their efforts to preserve this and also to protect themselves against tiger and crocodile attacks.

asia freeport, Sundarbans mangroveJust like any other nature reserve, it is now in the danger state as climate change affects the stability of the mangrove park. This may cause erosion, accretion, tidal waves and the rising of Ganga delta's sea level. It is also reported that this may damage the mangroves as well as the diversified forests in Sundarbans. It's high time for us to act now and save this one of a kind gift because before we know it, it is vanished due to our irresponsible acts towards nature.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Lebanon's Jeita Grotto

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Torn between war and the calmness of nature, Lebanon strives hard to establish tourism in their country. As they solve issues against the ranged parties, the country never fail to be a home for their tourists. One of which is Jeita Grotto, a subterranean river located at the Valley of Nahral-Kalb north of Beirut. Being in the run to be one of New Seven Wonders of the World, Jeita Grotto shows various rock formations, stone curtains and vaults of stalactites and stalagmites. The grotto has two parts, the upper cave where the gallery is located and the lower cave where the underground river is found.

asia travel, jeita grottoDiscovered by Reverend William Thomson in 1836, this asian tourist spot was maintained by Mapas, a German company that renovate and maintains the cave. The cave was closed when the Lebanese civil war arise in 1978 leading the use of both upper and lower galleries to store ammunitions and the building outside the cave served as the office for military. It is opened again for public in 1995 and became one of Lebanon's treasured destinations.

asia travel, jeita grottoOne of the cave's attraction includes the Pantheon where you can write your name and your experience in touring the cave on a piece of paper, put it in a bottle, seal it then place it on top of the stalagmite. This stalagmite is found at the lower cave together with other stalagmites such as the Grand Chaos and the Shangri-la. In the upper cave, you will find the White Chamber where you can see the longest stalagmite in the world that measures 8.2 metres (27 ft) along with other formations such as columns, mushrooms, ponds, curtains and draperies. Once you get here, you will wonder how nature sculpted this one of a kind masterpiece.