Monday, July 14, 2008

Bangladesh's Sundarbans Mangrove

asia freeport, Sundarbans mangrove

With it's luscious mangrove trees and abundant flora and fauna, Sundarbans established itself as the largest block of mangrove forests in the world. Placed at the heart of Bangladesh and West Bengal, India this asian tourist spot is also a UNESCO's World heritage site since 1997. It is measured to be around 4,143 sq km and the water area surrounding it is 1,874 sq km circling the rivers, canals and small streams. The rivers here is where the salt water coming from Bay of Bengal and freshwater from River Ganges meet.

asia freeport, Sundarbans mangroveWith it's diversified environment, it became the home of many birds and wild animals. One of which is Bengal tigers which is about 700 in population that males them the largest population of tiger population living in a certain area. There are other animals aside from tigers such as 270 species of birds, 42 species of mammals, 35 reptile species and eight amphibians apart from freshwater sharks and dolphins inhabiting the waters. That's why Bengali's are doing all their efforts to preserve this and also to protect themselves against tiger and crocodile attacks.

asia freeport, Sundarbans mangroveJust like any other nature reserve, it is now in the danger state as climate change affects the stability of the mangrove park. This may cause erosion, accretion, tidal waves and the rising of Ganga delta's sea level. It is also reported that this may damage the mangroves as well as the diversified forests in Sundarbans. It's high time for us to act now and save this one of a kind gift because before we know it, it is vanished due to our irresponsible acts towards nature.


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